Dissertation Awardees

2015-2016 Doctoral Dissertation Award Recipient


Marianne Brennan
M.A. & M.P.P., The University of Chicago
B.A. & M.A., University of Kentucky

Marianne Brennan was awarded the 2015-2016 CHAS Pre-Doctoral Dissertation Stipend Support award starting in the 2015 Winter Quarter. Ms. Brennan's dissertation research explores how mental health is being addressed in the context of contemporary Medicaid reforms, with a focus on how ideas about mental health shape policy making at the level of implementation. She has her M.A. & M.P.P. degrees from The University of Chicago and her B.A. & M.A. from the University of Kentucky. Marianne has been active with CHAS in the Winter and Spring collaborating with faculty members and attending many Michael M. Davis lectures. We look forward to more interaction from Marianne and a great thesis defense.

2013-2014 Doctoral Dissertation Award Recipient

Vanessa Fabbre

Vanessa Fabbre

The recipient of the CHAS Pre-Doctoral Dissertation Award for 2013-2014 was Vanessa Fabbre.  Ms. Fabbre is a licensed clinical social worker and holds a M.A. from The University of Chicago.  Her dissertation research focused, in part, on issues of gender, identity and wellness in later life through the experiences of older transgender persons who contemplate or pursue gender transition in their later years.

2012-2013 Doctoral Dissertation Award Recipient

Rebecca Feinstein Winitzer

Rebecca Feinstein Winitzer
M.S., Harvard University
M.S.W., Boston University

The recipient of the CHAS Pre-Doctoral Dissertation Award for 2012-2013 was Rebecca Feinstein Winitzer.  Ms. Winitzer is a licensed clinical social worker, holds a M.S. from Harvard University and a M.S.W. from Boston University.  Her dissertation research focused, in part, on how social networks function to influence health care decision-making and impact access to health care services for children with special health care needs.