Doctoral Dissertation Award


Qualifications and Guidelines for Doctoral Dissertation Award:

  1. The purpose of the award is to support students in the final stages of the dissertation research and writing (from proposal to dissertation defense).
  2. Students must have proposed by the end of the previous Quarter and defend the dissertation no later than at the end of the 18 months of support. Awards will be disbursed in three installments (Autumn, Winter, Spring). The approximate schedule is to have the first installment issued immediately for those who have already defended their proposal by the application deadline and immediately after a successful proposal hearing for those who have not. And the third installment will be issued once the dissertation defense is scheduled, with the second installment in between based on feedback reporting to the Review Committee and CHAS Director.
  3. Must be actively enrolled, and in good academic standing with University.
  4. Dissertation topic must fall within the Center’s mission.  
  5. Students are expected to be in residence for the entire period of their award.

Requirements for Awardees:

  1. Attend weekly Davis Lectures (Tuesdays, 12:00-1:30pm) and other relevant CHAS events.
  2. Provide monthly progress reports to dissertation chair with copy to CHAS director.
  3. Present dissertation at SSA Doctoral Theory Workshop within 18 months of award date.

 Application Process: 

 Submit the following materials to:

  1. A five page double-spaced proposal including:
    • Description of dissertation project or prospective dissertation project.
    • Relevance of project to mission of the Center.
    • Previous involvement in the Center’s training activities, workshop or events/conferences.
    • Current other funding support.
    • Workplan/timeline.
  2. CV
  3. Letter of recommendation from a faculty member.


Application Due N/A
Applications Reviewed / Recipients Announced N/A
Award Start Date N/A
Award End Date N/A
SSA Doctoral Theory Workshop Presentation within 18 months of the award

Please direct any questions about this program to