Past Seed Projects

2017-2018 CHAS Seed Grant Recipients

  • Leyla Ismayilova:“Feasibility Testing of a Family-Focused Mental Health Prevention Program for Families of Institutionalized Children in Azerbaijan” 
  • Miwa Yasui: “Examining cultural thresholds of mental health need among Asian American and immigrant children and families” 
  • Alan Zarychta: “Temporal Dynamics of Health System Reform: A Pilot Study in Honduras”

2015-2016 CHAS Seed Grant Recipients

  • Anna Volerman"Factors That Impact the Implementation of Asthma Policy in Schools"
  • Brandon J. Hill"Public Health Messages and STI/HIV Risk Perceptions Among Young Mean Who Have Sex With Men (YMSM)"
  • Evan Lyon: "Homemakers and the Home Care Comprehensive Care Physician (HC-CCP) Program"
  • Julie Chor"Exploring a Missed Opportunity to Engage Women in Preventive Reproductive Health Care"
  •  Milda Saunders: "Pay-for-Performance in Dialysis Facilities: Improving Quality or Increasing Inequality"
  •  Rena M. Conti"Prescription Drug Out of Pocket Costs and Adherence Among Patients Treated at 340B Contract Pharmacies"
  •  Tina L. Rzepnicki & Curtis McMillen"Partnerships to Advance Quality Services"

2014-2015 CHAS Seed Grant Recipients

  • Jennifer Bellamy"The First Time Fathers Healthcare Study"
  • Jennifer E. Mosley"How Collaborative Governance Networks Influence Service Innovation, Regional Coordination, and Advocacy for the Homeless"
  • Leyla Ismayilova"Developing an Integrated Family-Based Mental Health Prevention Program for Institutionalized Children in Azerbaijan"
  • Marci A. Yabarra"Do State Medicaid and WIC Rules Influence Maternity-Leave Job Quitting by Less-Educated Mothers?"
  • Matthew W. Epperson"Criminal Risk Factors Among Persons with Serious Mental Illnessess in Mental Health Treatment"

2013-2014 CHAS Seed Grant Recipients

  • Alida Bouris"Family and School Engagement to Protect Gay Youth of Color from HIV"
  • Dexter Voisin"Factors that Mediate and Moderate the Relationship Between Community Violence Exposures and Risky Sex Among African American Adolescents"
  • Miwa Yasui"An Exploratory Study of Cultural Pathways of Engaging in Mental Health Treatment Among Asian and Latino Immigrant Families"

For details on projects awarded prior to 3 years ago, please email