Abstract: While other research stemming from the Medicaid Working Group focuses on performance of health centers compared to other primary care settings, few of these reports concentrate on how the care for children varies. Dr. Anna Volerman is leading a team of medical research professionals drawing on methods used in analyses of adult population to explore similar research questions among children enrolled in Medicaid. The team will examine differences in quality and costs based on patient demographics, Medicaid coverage, and location.

Associated AuthorsDr. Marshall Chin, Richard Parrillo Family Professor of Healthcare Ethics; Robert Nocon, Senior Health Services Researcher at the Chicago Center for Diabetes Translation; Dr. Volermann is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Medicine and Pediatrics.


The Medicaid Working Group at the University of Chicago is among the first to use a national panel of MAX files to assess program-wide performance and disease prevalence both at a single point in time and over several years. The working group’s findings have and will continue to allow state Medicaid programs and federal policymakers to understand how shifts in the external policy environment are impacting the care of Medicaid beneficiaries, and will additionally facilitate efforts to identify opportunities to improve the coordination of resources for the growing Medicaid population.