POLICY BRIEFS: Testing a Mobile App and Counseling-Based Waiting Room Intervention Created with and for Young Black Women to Educate About Dual Protection; The Washington Post: “We can’t protect nursing homes from Covid-19 without protecting everyone”

CHAS PODCASTS: Invisible Visits: Black Middle-Class Women in the American Healthcare System by Dr. Tina Sacks, AM, PhD; The importance of community asset mapping, medical integration with social sciences, and youth involvement by Dr. Stacy Lindau, PhD; Interview with Dr. Nadine Burke Harris.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: CHAS Seed Grant Awardees for 2020-2021 Announced. Congratulations to the grant awardees below!

  • Marc Berman, PhD: “Prioritizing Urban Green Infrastructure (UGI) to Reduce Heat, Improve Human Self-control and Reduce Crime”
  • Gina Fedock, PhD: “Baby Talk in Prison: Examining Outcomes of a Home Visiting Program for Incarcerated Mothers”
  • Angela Garcia, PhD: “Hidden Inequalities: COVID-19 and the Well-Being of Poor and Racialized Chicagoans”
  • Valerie Press, MD, MPH: “Quality of Care of Hospitalized Patients with COPD Post HRRP”

CHAS Doctoral Stipends for 2020-2021 Announced. Learn more about current doctoral stipend recipients here!

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