CHAS Receives New Grant For Paris Conference

CHAS has received new funding from the University of Chicago Center in Paris Faculty Steering Committee to co-host a 2018 conference to focus on public insurance with an international examination. This will be the second collaborative event between SciencesPo-LIEPP and CHAS.

Davis Lectures

The Center for Health Administration Studies (CHAS) has a long history of hosting prominent speakers on topical policy issues. Lectures are held weekly during Fall and Spring quarters.

Social Work & Health

The 2017 Social Work & Health Convening was held Monday, January 9 at the University of Chicago’s Gleacher Center, in downtown Chicago. Video recordings, presentation slides, an a summary document are now available to the public.

Medicaid (MAX) Working Group

CHAS is supporting an interdisciplinary working group of faculty and Fellows to bring to the University of Chicago the most recent Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ MAX files. The group will be among the first to use a national panel of MAX files to assess program-wide performance and disease prevalence both at a single point in time and over several years.

Introducing CHAS Original Interviews

CHAS is excited to announce the start of a new quarterly podcast series featuring original interviews with local leaders in health policy and service innovation, beginning with Dr. Stacy Tessler Lindau, professor and practicing physician at UChicago Medicine and also the founder and chief innovation officer of a new social impact company called NowPow

About CHAS

The Center for Health Administration Studies (CHAS) at The University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration has been a leader for over 75 years in research and education in health policy and services. CHAS engages an interdisciplinary and international group of health policy and services researchers on topics of health policy innovation and reform, health and social service integration, health access, cost and quality, behavioral health, global health, and preventive intervention. We are the experts in health policy and service effectiveness for the disadvantaged.

An intentionally interdisciplinary center located in a graduate school of social work is a unique institutional form that both exploits and enriches the values and orientation of the University of Chicago. CHAS has explored new questions, identified knowledge gaps, sought to enhance the translation of research-to-practice, and identified opportunities for collaborations within and outside the University of Chicago. Our programs support faculty research, research dissemination and translation, student learning, and engage researchers, scholars, policy makers, and practitioners.

“Building on the rich tradition of policy and services that contribute to major initiatives to improve health care for the disadvantaged – including the Affordable Care Act – CHAS continues to explore new questions, identify knowledge gaps and promote the translation of research to policy and practice to the end of promoting health care for all.”

Jeanne C. Marsh, CHAS Director


CHAS eNews: February 2018

POLICY BRIEFS: Determining Association Between Spousal Characteristics and Hospice Use; Genetic Variants Demonstrating Flip-Flop Phenomenon and Breast Cancer Risk Prediction Among Women of African Ancestry; Early Consultation Reduces Re-Hospitilizations For Patients...

Advancing Antimicrobial Stewardship through Social Media

Medicaid Working Group Member Chuanhong Liao was recently part of a team of researchers which studied the effectiveness of social media as a tool for increasing internal medicine residents' antibiotic knowledge and awareness of the Antimicrobial Stewardship Program...


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