Annual Reports

The Center for Health Administration Studies (CHAS) is an endowed health policy and services research center that has been serving The University of Chicago for over 70 years. With support from CHAS, faculty members and students from across The University of Chicago explore new questions, identify knowledge gaps, and translate research into policy and practice focused on health care for people facing disadvantages. CHAS programming supports interdisciplinary inquiry, research translation, dissemination, and student learning. In 2021, CHAS continued to advance health and social services policy innovation and reform. And, during two years of global COVID-19 pandemic surges, CHAS expanded its technological footprint to address its mission.



CHAS eNews: June 2022

POLICY BRIEF: Social Workers: A Neglected Partner in Health Policy and Public Health SERVICE INNOVATION: Disparities in Expected Driving Time to Opioid Treatment and Treatment Completion: Findings From an Exploratory Study Go to June eNews

CHAS eNews: May 2022

POLICY BRIEFS: A Bifurcated Opioid Treatment System and Widening Insidious Disparities; Early Experience of the Quality Improvement Award Program in Federally Funded Health Center ANNOUNCEMENTS: It’s Not Too Late to Submit a CHAS PhD Stipend Support Application for...

CHAS eNews: April 2022

POLICY BRIEFS: “Girls have commercial sex, boys don’t:” Mixed-Methods Evidence for a Gendered Risk Environment for Street-Connected Young People in the Republic of Georgia; Identifying Relative Strength of Methadone Versus Health and Social Services in Comprehensive...

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