Michael M. Davis Lectures

The Michael M. Davis Lecture Series has been convening disparities research audiences on Tuesdays for decades, at the School of Social Service Administration. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all 2020 lectures have been moved to an online webinar format indefinitely.  Registrations will be opened every academic Quarter for newly announced eLectures. All eLectures are free and open to the public. Archived lecture and eLecture recordings can be found on our YouTube channel for convenient viewing.


Each academic semester, the Center for Health Administration Studies (CHAS) sponsors the Michael M. Davis Lecture Series which brings renowned policy experts, researchers and commentators to the University to explore the intersection of health policy and the broad needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged populations. CHAS also provides support for conferences and workshops focused on issues surrounding health services and health policy research.

The career of Michael M. Davis spanned almost fifty years in many areas of medical sociology and health administration. Davis’ early years included the establishment of the first “pay clinics” in the United States in 1913, to meet the needs of the working population of Boston, MA. Davis was also the founder of the University of Chicago Graduate Program of Health Administration Studies in 1934. We are proud to carry on the spirit of his early work with vulnerable populations with this lecture series.

Upcoming Lectures

Davis Lectures will resume in Autumn Quarter 2020, beginning Tuesday, October 6, 2020, and will continue through Winter and Spring Quarters 2021.

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October 6, 2020: 12:30pm CDT on Zoom

Unsanitized and Unfair: How COVID Bailout Funds Refuel Inequity in the US Health Care System

Colleen M. Grogan, PhD (View Profile)
Professor, School of Social Service Administration (SSA); Academic Director, Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy (GPHAP)
The University of Chicago

October 13, 2020: 12:30pm CDT on Zoom

Gaps in Coverage for Opioid Use Disorder Treatment in Medicaid Managed Care

Christina Andrews, PhD, MSW (View Profile)
Associate Professor
Health Services, Policy, and Management
Arnold School of Public Health
University of South Carolina

October 20, 2020: 12:30pm CDT on Zoom

Chronic Absenteeism, School Improvement, and Systems of Care: A Research-Practice Partnership

Susan Stone, PhD (View Profile)
Catherine Mary and Eileen Clare Hutto Professor of Social Services
School of Social Welfare
University of California, Berkeley

October 27, 2020: 12:30pm CDT on Zoom

Assessment of Nursing Home Reporting of Major Injury Falls for Quality Measurement on Nursing Home Compare

Prachi Sanghavi, PhD (View Profile)
Assistant Professor of Public Health Sciences
Biological Sciences Division
The University of Chicago

November 3, 2020

No lecture. PLEASE VOTE!



November 10, 2020: 12:30pm CDT on Zoom

How Can Agent-Based Modeling Support Public Health Goals? Applications to Developing Interventions for Reducing Health Inequities

Jonathan Ozik, PhD (View Profile)
Computational Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory;
Senior Scientist in the Consortium for Advanced Science and Engineering (CASE),
The University of Chicago

November 17, 2020: 12:30pm CDT on Zoom

Effect of Income on Child Health and Development: Evidence from Minimum Wage Changes

Robert Kaestner, PhD, MA (View Profile)
Research Professor
Harris School of Public Policy
The University of Chicago

January 12, 2021

Lecture Details To Be Announced!



January 19, 2021

Lecture Details To Be Announced!



January 26, 2021

Lecture Details To Be Announced!



February 2, 2021: 12:30pm CDT on Zoom

Lecture TBA

Boaz Keysar, PhD, MA (View Profile)
William Benton Professor
Chair, Cognition Program
Department of Psychology
The University of Chicago


February 9, 2021: 12:30pm CDT on Zoom

Lecture TBA

Jamila Michener, PhD, MA (View Profile)
Associate Professor
Co-Director, Cornell Center for Health Equity
Department of Government
Cornell University


February 16, 2021: 12:30pm CDT on Zoom

Lecture TBA

Reuben Miller, PhD (View Profile)
Assistant Professor
School of Social Service Administration
University of Chicago


Whenever possible, CHAS attempts to provide open access to lecture content. Many lecture slides and video are hosted in the archives below.

Autumn 2020

October 6: Unsanitized and Unfair: How COVID Bailout Funds Refuel Inequity in the US Health Care System” with Colleen Grogan, PhD: Professor at the School of Social Service Administration; Academic Director for Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy (GPHAP). The University of Chicago. Watch Recap.

October 13: Gaps in Coverage for Opioid Use Disorder Treatment in Medicaid Managed Care” with Christina Andrews, PhD, MSW: Associate Professor of Health Service Policy and Management at the Arnold School of Public Health. The University of South Carolina. Watch Recap.

October 20: Chronic Absenteeism, School Improvement, and Systems of Care: A Research-Practice Partnership” with Susan Stone, PhD: Catherine Mary and Eileen Clare Hutto Professor of Social Services at the School of Social Welfare. University of California, Berkeley. Watch Recap.

Spring 2020

April 21: Pandemic as Politics: Indian Vaccination and American Empire” with Ruth Bloch Rubin, PhD: Assistant Professor at Department of Political Science. The University of Chicago. Watch Recap.
April 28: “Suicidal Behaviors in Prisons: “Examining Racial Differences in Suicidal Behaviors and Health Care Disparities in Prison Responses.” with Gina Fedock, PhD: Assistant Professor at School of Social Service Administration. The University of Chicago. View Slides. Watch Recap.
May 6: “Quarantine and Economic Uncertainty: Historic Lessons from a Mid-Pacific Seaport.” with Christopher Kindell, PhD: Postdoctoral Social Sciences Teaching Fellow at Department of History and The College. The University of Chicago. View Slides. Watch Recap.
May 13: “Your Money and Your Life: The Case for Medicaid Expansion During the Time of Coronavirus.” with Benjamin Sommers, MD, PhD. Professor of Health Politics and Economics at Department of Health Policy and Management. Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. View Slides. Watch Recap.
May 19: “What is it About Sleep? Population Research on Sleep Quality and Social Determinants.” with Diane Lauderdale, PhD. Louis Block Professor of Public Health Sciences and the College. Department Chair, Department of Public Health Sciences. The University of Chicago. . Watch Recap.

Autumn 2019

October 8: Medicaid Expansion and the Future of the Affordable Care Actwith John Z. Ayanian, MD, MPP: Alice Hamilton Distinguished University Professor of Medicine and Healthcare Policy; Director of the Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation. University of Michigan. View Materials.
October 15: “The Rise of the Conservative Health Care State” with Colleen M. Grogan, PhD: Professor at the School of Social Service Administration. The University of Chicago. View Materials. 
October 29: “Health Effects of Immigration Policy: Moving Toward Building Evidence for Action” with Jacqueline Torres, PhD, MPH: Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics. UC San Francisco.
November 5: “Culturally Specific Mental Health Beliefs and Help Seeking Behaviors Among Chinese American Young Adults: Preliminary Findings from the Culturally Infused Engagement Survey” with Miwa Yasui, PhD: Associate Professor, School of Social Service Administration. The University of Chicago.
November 12: “Enduring Immigrant ‘Illegality’: Time, Waiting and Well-Being in Cross-Border Perspective” with Angela García, PhD, Assistant Professor, School of Social Service Administration. The University of Chicago.
November 19: “Embodying Inequality: Social Determinants of Latina/o Health in the U.S.” with Aresha Martinez-Cardoso, PhD, Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellow and Instructor, Department of Public Health Science. The University of Chicago

Spring 2019

APRIL 9: Childhood Adversity and Cardiometabolic Health: The Role of Social Contextwith Shakira Suglia, ScDAssociate Professor of Epidemiology, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University. View Materials.
APRIL 16: “Documenting the Mental Health Crisis as a Symptom of Neoliberal Chicago: Assessing Access to Mental Health Services for Low-Income Individuals Through a Structural Lenswith Arturo Carrillo, PhD; Lecturer and Adjunct Faculty. School of Social Service Administration. The University of ChicagoMaterials Coming Soon.
APRIL 23: “Care Amidst Crisis: Medicaid Enrollment in the Era of Obamacarewith Robert Vargas, PhD; Neubauer Family Assistant Professor, Director of the Violence, Law, and Politics Lab, Department of Sociology, The University of Chicago.View Materials.
APRIL 30: “Addressing Social Determinants of Mental Health Among Women and Children from Ultra-Poor Households: Two-Year Results of a Cluster-Randomized Trial in West Africa.” with Leyla Ismayilova, PhD. Associate Professor. School of Social Service Administration. The University of Chicago. Materials Coming Soon.
MAY 7: “The Mental Health of Refugees: Global Challenges and Opportunities” with Stevan Weine, MDProfessor of Psychiatry, Director of Global Medicine & Director of the Center of Global Health, University of Illinois at Chicago. View Materials.
MAY 21: “The Social Determinants of Mental Ill-Health Among Transnational Domestic Workers in China” with Brian Hall, PhD; Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Psychology, University of Macau, Macao (SAR), People’s Republic of China. 

Autumn 2018

OCTOBER 9: “The Spill-Over Effects of Medicaid Expansion on Financial Stability Among Low-Income Families: Examining Evictions and Payday Borrowing in California” with Heidi L. Allen, PhDAssociate Professor of Social Work at Columbia University School of Social Work, Co-Investigator for the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment. View Materials. Watch Recap. Listen.
OCTOBER 16: “Race-ing Immigration and Citizenship: Life Along the Racialized Documentation Status Continuum” with Tiffany D. Joseph, PhDAssociate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, and International Affairs at Northeastern University. View Materials. Watch Recap.
OCTOBER 30: “Cautious Citizenship” with Francisco I. Pedraza; Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Political Science at The University of California, Riverside. Materials. View Materials. Watch Recap.
NOVEMBER 6: Improving Emergency Responses When Chicagoans Experience Behavioral Health Crises with Harold Pollack, PhD; Helen Ross Professor at UChicago’s School of Social Service Administration. View MaterialsWatch Recap.
NOVEMBER 13: “Mitigating the Detrimental Effect of Racial Discrimination: Ethnic Identity, Racial/Ethnic Socialization In the Family and Social Support” with Yoonsun Choi, PhD; Associate Professor at UChicago’s School of Social Service Administration (SSA). Michael Park, PhD student at SSA. View Materials. Watch Recap.
NOVEMBER 20Lessons for Achieving Health Equity Comparing Aotearoa/New Zealand and the United States” with Marshall Chin, MD, MPH; Richard Parrillo Family Professor of Healthcare Ethics UChicago’s Department of Medicine. Materials Coming Soon. Watch Recap.

Spring 2018

APRIL 3: “Treating Addiction as Chronic Disease: Rationale and Science” with John F. Kelly, PhD; Elizabeth R. Spallin Associate Professor of Psychiatry in Addiction Medicine, Harvard Medical School. View materials.

APRIL 10: “High Prescription Drug Prices: Balancing Access and Affordability” with Rena Conti, PhD; Assistant Professor in the Departments of Pediatrics & Public Health Sciences, The University of Chicago. View materials.

APRIL 17: “Evaluation of the Behavioral Health Integration and Complex Care Initiative” with Todd Gilmer, PhD; Professor of Health Economics, Vice Chair for Faculty Affairs, Chief of the Division of Health Policy in the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health, University of California, San Diego. View materials.

APRIl 24: “Peer Involvement in a Recovery-Oriented System of Behavioral Health Care” with Larry Davidson, PhD; Professor of Psychiatry, Director of the Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health, Yale University. View materials.

MAY 1: “Implementing an Advanced Care Planning Intervention: Trials & Tribulations” with Vincent Mor, PhD, MEd; Florence Pirce Grant University Professor, Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice, Brown University. View materials.

MAY 8: “The Costs, Benefits, and Future of the Medicaid Program” with Katherine Baicker, PhD; Dean of Harris School of Public Policy, The University of Chicago.

MAY 15: “Project nGage: The Feasibility and Efficacy of Dyadic Social Support Intervention to Retain HIV Positive Young Black Men in HIV Primary Care” with Alida Bouris, PhD, MSW; Associate Professor at the School of Social Service Administration, The University of Chicago. View materials. 

Autumn 2017

OCTOBER 3: “Women’s Status, Household Socioeconomics, and Access to Health Care: Evidence from 20 Years of Change in Matlab, Bangladesh” with Elisabeth Dowling Root, PhD; Associate Professor of Health Geography, Disease Ecology, Quantitative Spatial Science, Global Health and Development at The Ohio State UniversityView materials.

OCTOBER 10: “The Long-Term Effects of Medicaid Coverage” with Sarah Miller, PhD; Assistant Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. View materials.

OCTOBER 17: “Louisiana’s Medicaid Expansion: The Climb from 49th” with Rebekah Gee, MD, MPH: Secretary of the Louisiana State Department of Heath.

OCTOBER 24: “Deconstructing Nature and Its Benefits” with Marc G. Berman, PhD: Assistant Professor of Psychology at The University of ChicagoView materials.

NOVEMBER 7: “Medicaid Expansion in the Heart of the Opioid Epidemic: Evidence from West Virginia” with Brendan Saloner, PhD; Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Management; Assistant Professor of Mental Health at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. View matierials.

NOVEMBER 14: “Investigating Mood Regulation and Smoking: Applications of Mixed Effects Location Scale Models for Intensive Longitudinal Data” with Donald Hedeker, PhD; Professor of Biostatistics at The University of Chicago.

Spring 2017
APRIL 4: “The Long-Run Effects of Childhood Insurance Coverage.” Andrew Goodman-Bacon, PhD; Assistant Professor of Economics at Vanderbilt University; Faculty Research Fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research.  View Materials.

APRIL 11: “White Opioids–Race and the War on Drugs that Wasn’t.” Helena Hansen, MD, PhD; Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at NYU Medical Center; Assistant Professor of Anthropology at New York University; Research Psychiatrist, Nathan Kline Institute, New York State Office of Mental Health.  View Materials.

APRIL 25: “Using Implementation Science to Reduce Health Disparities in Racial and Ethnic Minority Communities with Serious Mental Illness.” Leopoldo J. Cabassa, PhD; Associate Professor of Social Work at Columbia University. View Materials.

MAY 2: “Opioid Use Disorders in Criminal Justice Populations,” Peter D. Friedmann, MD, MPH, FASAM, FACP; Associate Dean for Research and Professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School-Baystate, Baystate Chief Research Officer at Baystate Health. View Materials.

MAY 9: “Design-based Research for Adolescent Sexual Health,” Melissa Gilliam, MD, MPH; Professor of Obstetrics/Gynecology and Pediatrics; Ellen H. Block Professor of Health Justice; and Vice Provost for Academic Leadership, Advancement, and Diversity at the University of ChicagoView Materials.

APRIL 18: “Medicaid and Healthcare Reform–Past, Present, and Uncertain Future.” Benjamin Sommers, MD, PhD; Assistant Professor at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the Harvard Medical School.  View MaterialsMAY 16: “The Design, Use and Effect of a Computer System Designed to Support Quality of Life in Older Adults,” David Gustafson, PhD, MS; Emeritus Research Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering; Director of the Center for Health Enhancement Systems Studies. View Materials.

Autumn 2016

SEPTEMBER 27: “Understanding Quality of Life in Children With Disabilities and Parental Well Being” Elise Davis, PhD; Senior Research Fellow, and Associate Director, Jack Brockhoff Child Health and Wellbeing Program at the University of Melbourne.  Video recording.

OCTOBER 4: “Medicaid Can Do More to Help Smokers Quit” Leighton Ku, PhD, MPH; Professor and Director of the Center for Health Policy Research at the George Washington University, School of Public Health.  Presentation.  Video recording.

OCTOBER 11: “The Impact of the Affordable Care Act Medicaid Revenue, Uncompensated Care and Hospital Financial Position” Thomas Buchmueller, PhD; Waldo O. Hildebrand Professor of Risk Management and Insurance; Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy; Chair of Business Economics and Public Policy at the University of Michigan, Ross School of Business.  Presentation.  Video recording.

OCTOBER 18: “Emerging Evidence on Medicaid Expansion Under the ACA” Genevieve Kenney, MA, PhD; Co-Director at the Health Policy Center; Senior Fellow at The Urban Institute. Presentation.  Video recording.

OCTOBER 25: “Creating A Substance Use Disorder System That Consumers Deserve” Tami L. Mark; Vice President and Research Director, Behavioral Health and Quality Research at Truven Health Analytics, an IBM Company.  Presentation.  

NOVEMBER 1: “Reflections on Community Engagement: Listening and Learning”  Doriane Miller, MD; Associate Professor of Internal Medicine; Director, Center of Community Health and Vitality – Department of Medicine, University of Chicago.  Presentation.  Video recording.

NOVEMBER 8: “Helping Hospitals Improve Healthcare Delivery: The Healthcare Analytics Laboratory at Chicago Booth” Daniel Adelman, PhD, MSc; Charles I. Clough, Jr. Professor of Operations Management – The University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. 

NOVEMBER 15: “Medicaid and Nursing Home Choice” R. Tamara Konetzka, PhD; Professor (Health Services Research), Department of Public Health Sciences at The University of Chicago.  Presentation.  Video recording.

Spring 2016

APRIL 5: “The Indian Health Insurance Experiment” with Anup Malani, PhD, JD; Lee and Brena Freeman Professor at The University of Chicago Law School and Professor at the Pritzker School of Medicine.  PresentationVideo recording.

APRIL 12: “You’re in a Room Full of Addicts! Prisoner Reentry as a Social Institution and the ‘Making Up’ of the Ex-Offender” with Reuben Miller, PhD; Assistant Professor of Social Work, School of Social Work and Faculty Associate, Population Studies Center, Institute for Social Research – at the University of Michigan.  Presentation.  Video recording.

APRIL 19: “Geographic Variation in ACA-Related Media Messages and Health Insurance Enrollment” with Sarah Gollust, PhD; Assistant Professor in Health Policy and Management and McKnight Land-Grant Professor at University of Minnesota School of Public Health.  Video recording.

APRIL 26: “Intergenerational Trauma: Clinicians Trained to Diagnose and Treat Elderly African American Survivors of Jim Crow Suffering with Symptoms of Segregation Stress Syndrome (Collective PTSD)” with Ruth Thompson-Miller, PhD; Assistant Professor at the University of Dayton.  Presentation.  Video recording.

MAY 3: “Implementation Science as a Model for Social Work Science: The View from Child Welfare and Child Mental Health” with Lawrence Palinkas, PhDFrances L. and Albert G. Feldman Endowed Professor in Social Policy and Health at the University of Southern California.  Presentation.  Video recording.

MAY 10: “Precision Medicine: A New Direction for Public Health or a Utopian Delusion” with Ronald Bayer, PhDProfessor of Sociomedical Sciences at Columbia University and Co-Director, Center for the History and Ethics of Public Health.  Video.

MAY 17: “Media & the Politics of Implementation: Competition, Coverage & Complexity in Affordable Care Act Messaging” with Erika Franklin Fowler, PhD; Assistant Professor of Government at Wesleyan University and Director of the Wesleyan Media Project. Presentation.Video.

Autumn 2015
OCTOBER 6: “The Future of Mental Health Measurement” with Robert Gibbons, PhD; Professor at Departments of Medicine & Public Health Sciences (Biostatistics) at The University of Chicago. Presentation.

OCTOBER 13: “Reducing Inappropriate Prescribing in Medicare Part D: Evidence from a Randomized Intervention” with Adam Sacarny, PhD; Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Scholar in the Health Policy Research Program at Harvard University.

OCTOBER 20: “Chicago Lakeside: A Study of Neighborhood Context from the Ground Up” with Kathleen Cagney, MPP, PhD; Associate Professor, Sociology and Health Studies at The University of Chicago; Director at Population Research Center, NORC.

OCTOBER 27: “Behavioral Health Problems in Childhood and Adolescence: The Power of Prevention” with Jeffrey M. Jenson, PhDPhilip D. and Eleanor G. Winn Endowed Professor for Children and Youth at Risk at the University of Denver.  Presentation.

NOVEMBER 3: “Results of the Project AWARE randomized clinical trial: A case for de-implementation science in the field of HIV prevention” with Lisa Metsch, MA, PhD; Chair and Stephen Smith Professor of Sociomedical Sciences at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health.  Presentation.

NOVEMBER 10: “Chronic Disease Center Symposium: Keynote Speaker” with Jon Oberlander, MA, MPhil, PhDProfessor & Vice Chair, Social Medicine; Professor, Health Policy & Management; Adjunct Professor, Political Science at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

NOVEMBER 17: “Developing A New Asthma Treatment” with Julian Solway, MDWalter L. Palmer Distinguished Service Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics; Dean for Translational Medicine, Biological Sciences Division; Vice Chair for Research, Department of Medicine; Chair, Committee on Molecular Medicine at The University of Chicago.

Spring 2015

“Healthcare Delivery Reform: Issues of Quality, Cost and Access”

March 31: “Circles of Recovery: Mutual Help Organizations for Substance Use Disorders” Keith Humphreys, MD, MS; Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Science, Section of the Aging Clinical Research Center at Stanford University.  Presentation.

April 7: “Next Generation Partner Services: Improving Efficiency Over 80 Years of Venereal Disease Prevention?” John Schneider, MD; Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Science, Section of the Aging Clinical Research Center at Stanford University; Director of Global Health Problems at the University of Chicago.  Presentation.

April 14: “Managing the Business of Personal Change: TCOM and the Myths of Outcomes Management” John Lyons, MD, PhD; Senior Policy Fellow, Developer of Transformational Collaborative Outcomes Management (TCOM) at Chapin Hall University of Chicago.  Presentation.

April 21: “Lessons from the Development of the Most Transformative Drugs of the Past 25 Years” Aaron Kesselheim, MD, JD, MPH; Associate Professor of Medicine, Section of Pharmacoepidemiology & Pharmacoeconomics at Harvard Medical School; Director, Program On Regulation, Therapeutics, And Law (PORTAL), Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

April 28: “Psychiatric Diagnosis and Social Justice: How Child Diagnostic Criteria Interact with Social Issues” Jerome Wakefield, PhD, MSW, DSW; University Professor, Professor of Social Work, Silver School of Social Work, and Professor of the Conceptual Foundations of Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, at New York University.  Presentation.

May 5: “Building Quality Into Mental Health Services for the Most Vulnerable: The Role of Peers and of Effective Psychosocial Interventions” John Brekke, PhD, MSW; Frances Larson Professor of Social Work Research at the University of Southern California School of Social Work; Fellow, American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare.  Presentation.

May 12: “What Do Gaps Between Patient Preferences and Covered Benefits in Medicare Tell Us About End of Life Policy?” Donald Taylor, PhD; Associate Professor of Public Policy, research in the area of end of life policy with a focus on patient decision making and Medicare hospice policy at Duke University.  Presentation.

May 19: “Quality Measurement and Improvement in the Post-Meaningful Use Era” Stephen D. Persell, MD; Associate Professor in Medicine-General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, Center for Healthcare Studies – Institute for Public Health and Medicine at Northwestern University; Director, Center for Primary Care Innovation, Institute for Public Health and Medicine, Northwestern University; Director of Quality Improvement, the Division of General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, Northwestern University.  Presentation.

Autumn 2014

“Healthcare Delivery Reform: Issues of Quality, Cost and Access”

October 14: “The SOCARE Model of Cancer Care for Older Adults: Building Infrastructure and Policies for Truly Personalized Cancer Care for an Aging Society.” William Dale, MD, PhD; Associate Professor of Medicine and Chief, of the Section of Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine at The University of Chicago.  Presentation.

October 21: “School-based mental health: The promise of access, the puzzle of the school setting.” Katherine Phillippo, PhD; Assistant Professor at Loyola University – Chicago’s School of Education.  Presentation.

October 28: “Technology-based ‘Behavioral Vaccines’ to Prevent Child and Adolescent Mental Disorders in Health Systems: Are we there yet?” Benjamin Van Voorhees, MD, MPH; Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, University of Illinois, College of Medicine at Chicago; Director, TIKES Center.  Presentation.

November 4: “The Comprehensive Care Physician (CCP) Home Care Program.” Panel presentation by:

  • Evan Lyon, MD; Assistant Professor in Section of Hospital Medicine
  • Liz Nida, MSW; Associate Director of Training Programs, Center for Health and the Social Sciences
  • David Meltzer, MD, PhD; Chief, Section of Hospital Medicine; Associate Professor of Economics and Public Policy

November 11: “Prescription Drug Abuse: From Policy to Practice.” Caleb Alexander, MD, MS; Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Medicine; Co-Director, Center for Drug Safety and Effectiveness; Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at University of Illinois at Chicago.  Presentation.

November 18: “A Large-Scale Collaborative Synthesis of Prevention and Treatment Trials for Adolescent Depression: Methodologic, Scientific, and Policy Perspectives.” C. Hendricks Brown, PhD; Professor at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine; Adjunct appointment at Johns Hopkins University, Departments of Biostatistics and Mental Health.  Presentation.

November 25: “3 Days, 2 Midnights, 1 Confusing Status: The Challenging Policy Landscape for Observation Services.” Nathan Trueger, MD; Assistant Professor of Medicine, Section of Emergency Medicine at The University of Chicago.  Presentation.

Spring 2014

“ACA Implementation”

April 8: “Redesign of Care for Patients at High Risk of Hospitalization in a Reforming US Healthcare System: Rationale for a CMMI Innovation Challenge Award,” David Meltzer, MD, PhD; Associate Professor; Department of Medicine and Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago.

April 15: “Putting Health to Rights: A Global Comparative Study,” Colleen Flood, LLM, SJD; Professor & Canada Research Chair in Health Law and Policy, University of Toronto.

April 22: “The Blueing of Asian America: Evidence from the 2012 National Asian American Survey,” Taeku Lee, PhD, MPP; Professor of Political Science and Law, University of California at Berkeley.

April 29: “When Frames Don’t Matter: Querying the Relationship between Ideas and Policy,” Henri Bergeron, PhD; Research Fellow, Centre for Sociology of Organisations, CNRS; Scientific Coordinator, Health Chair, Sciences Po.

May 6: “Social Work’s Role in Care Coordination: Practice, Evidence & Policy,” Robyn Golden, AM ’81; Adjunct Faculty and Director of Health and Aging, College of Nursing, Rush University Medical College.

May 13: “Vermont’s Plans for a System of Unified, Universal Health Insurance Coverage,” Anya Wallack, PhD; President, Arrowhead Health Analytics.

May 20: “The Organization and Performance of Accountable Care Organizations: Results from a Mixed method Study,” Tom D’Aunno, PhD; Professor of Health Policy & Management; Director of Executive MPH Program, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health.

Autumn 2013

“ACA Implementation”

October 8: “Implementing the ACA: Challenges and Implications: A review of the special challenges of implementing the ACA and the implications for evaluating this landmark program” Michael Koetting, PhD; Deputy Director for Planning & Reform Implementation, Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services.  Presentation.

October 15: “Trapped in the Safety Net: One Family Learns How American Social Policies Really Work” Andrea Campbell, PhD; Professor of Political Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

October 22: “Findings from the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment: Lessons for State Medicaid Expansions” Heidi Allen, PhD, MSW; Assistant Professor of Social Work, Columbia University.  Presentation.

October 29: “The Affordable Care Act: Implementation Wars Sowed in Legislative Success” Mark Peterson, PhD, Professor of Public Policy, Political Science, and Law, University of California at Los Angeles.

November 5: “Myths (and facts) about the implementation of the Affordable Care Act” Aaron Carroll, MD, MS; Professor of Pediatrics; Director, Center for Health Policy and Professionalism Research; Assistant Dean for Research Mentoring, Indiana University School of Medicine.

November 12: “Accountable Care Organizations: Are The Unicorns For Real?” Steve Shortell, PhD, MPH, MBA; Dean, School of Public Health; Blue Cross of California Distinguished Professor of Health Policy & Management;  Professor of Organization Behavior, University of California-Berkeley.

November 19: “Social Workers in the post-ACA Environment: Challenges and Opportunities” Julie Darnell, PhD, MHSA; Assistant Professor, Division of Health Policy & Administration, School of Public Health, University of Illinois at Chicago.  Presentation.

Spring 2013
April 16: “Treatment Market and Attention to Local Health Burden Drives the Global Disparity of Health Research” James Evans, PhD; Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and in the College, University of Chicago.  Click here for abstract.  Presentation.

April 23: “The Quality of Care of Medicaid-Medicare Dual Eligibles with Diabetes” James Zhang, PhD; Director, Medicare Innovation Analysis at the Section of Hospital Medicine, Department of Medicine, University of Chicago.  Presentation.

April 30: “Screening Student-Athletes for Sickle Cell Trait: A Reasonable Precaution or a Collision of Sports and Ethics?” Lainie Ross, MD, PhDCarolyn and Matthew Bucksbaum Professor of Pediatrics, Medicine, Surgery and The College; Associate Director, MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics.

May 7: “Addressing Non-medical needs in a Community Health Center.”  Presentation.

  • Karen Goldstein, MD, MPH; Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, University of Chicago
  • Amy Zimmerman, JD; Chicago Medical-Legal Program for Children, Health and Disabilities Advocates
  • Markeisha Nance, LCSW; Friend Family Health Center.

May 14: “Addressing diabetes disparities on the South Side of Chicago: Combining community strengths with health system innovation” Monica Peek, MD, MPH; Assistant Professor of Medicine; Associate Director, Chicago Center for Diabetes Translational Research, University of Chicago.  Presentation.

May 21: “Gender and child sensitive social protection in South Africa” Leila Patel, PhD; Helen Harris Perlman Visiting Professor of International Social Welfare, The University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration; Professor and Director, Centre for Social Development in Africa, University of Johannesburg.  Presentation. (co-sponsored with International Social Welfare Lecture)

Autumn 2012
October 16: “Intellectual disability: An overlooked (and incomplete) triumph of American social policy” Harold Pollack, PhD; Helen Ross Professor, SSA.

October 23: “The Implementation Science Highway: The Road to Where Again?”Curtis McMillen, PhD; Professor, SSA.  Presentation.

October 30: “Project on the Good Physician: A National Study of Vocation, Calling and Physicians’ Decisions to Work among the Underserved” John Yoon, MD, Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Associate Faculty, MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics, The University of Chicago.  Presentation.


November 13: “Culture and Parenting: What is Asian American parenting? Is it indeed controlling and harsh?” Yoonsun Choi, PhDAssociate Professor, SSA. Presentation.


November 27: “Strengthening social-cognitive skills among disadvantaged youth” Jens Ludwig, PhDMcCormick Foundation Professor of Social Service Administration, Law, and Public Policy, SSA.

Spring 2008
January 23: “Are rural community programmes socially inclusive? Exploring the differences between social inclusion, civic engagement, participation and social capital” Sally Shortall, PhD; Reader in Sociology at School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work at Queen’s University, Belfast.

April 2: “MSM, Drug Use, and HIV Risk: an Update” Michael Frendrich, PhDProfessor, Helen Bader School of Social Welfare, and Director of Center for Addiction and Behavioral Research at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.  PresentationSummer Workshop Flyer.

April 9: “Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health and Health Care: Where should we go from here?” Sherman A. James, PhD; Susan B. King Professor of Public Policy Studies and Professor of Sociology; Community and Family Medicine; African and African American Studies at Duke University.

April 16: “Value-Based Insurance Design” Michael Chernew, PhD; Professor of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School at Harvard University.  Presentation.

April 23: “Bipartisan Support for Children’s Health Insurance: Part Myth and Part Reality” Colleen Grogan, PhDAssociate Professor and Faculty Chair of the Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy at School of Social Service Administration at University of Chicago.  Paper

April 30: “HIV Prevention in outpatient substance abuse treatment: Results from the 1995-2005 National Drug Abuse Systems Survey,” Harold Pollack, PhD; Associate Professor at School of Social Service Administration at University of Chicago.  Presentation

May 7: “Beyond Band Aids: How to fix America’s Ailing Health Care System” Ezekiel Emanuel, MD, PhDChair of Department of Clinical Bioethics at NIH Clinical Center at National Institutes of Health.  Presentation

May 14: “Health Reform Interrupted: Lessons from Oregon’s Struggle to Cover the Uninsured” Jonathan Oberlander, PhD; Associate Professor of Political Science at University of North Carolina.  Presentation

May 21: “Medical Guesswork: Why Poor-Quality Health Care is Everyone’s Problem” Eric Patashnik, PhD; Associate Professor of Politics and Associate Director of the UVa Public Policy Program at University of Virginia.  Presentation

May 28: “Experience Goods and Exceptional Traps: Bounded Rationality and Consumer Behavior in Markets for Medical Care” Mark Schlesinger, PhD; Professor at Division of Health Policy and Administration and Director of Undergraduate Studies at Yale University.  Presentation

Autumn 2007
September 26: “How a Mix of Drug Control Policies Should Vary Over a Drug Epidemic” Jonathan P. Caulkins, PhD; Professor of Operations Research and Public Policy at H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy & Management, Carnegie Mellon University.  Background Article.  Presentation.

October 3: “The Sandbox Investment: The Preschool Movement and Kids – First Politics” David Kirp, PhD; Professor of Public Policy at Goldman School of Public Policy at University of California at Berkeley. Click here for Latest Book

October 10: “Moral Outrage and Opposition to Policies that Reduce the Harms of Risky Behaviors” Robert MacCoun, PhD; Professor of Public Policy, Jurisprudence & Social Policy Program, Goldman School of Public Policy at University of California at Berkeley.
Background Reading:
Testing Drugs vs Testing for Drug Use
Anticipating unintended consequences of vaccine immunotherapies for addictive drug use
The Varieties of Drug Control at the Dawn of the Twenty-First Century
Does Europe Do It Better?
Toward a Psychology of Harm Reduction
Sex, Drugs and Skateboarding

October 17: “Medical Progress and Equitable Care: Are They Compatible?” Daniel Callahan, PhD; Director of International Program at The Hastings Center.

October 24: “Regulatory Federalism and Health Equity: Making Markets and Undermining Solidarity in Europe and the United States” Scott Greer, PhD; Assistant Professor Health Management and Policy at School of Public Health at University of Michigan.  Paper

November 7: “Myths of Modernization on Social Security and Medicare” Theodore Marmor, PhD; Professor emeritus of Public Policy and Management and Professor emeritus of Political Science at Yale University. Background reading: Paper 1,  Paper 2,  Paper 3.

November 14: “Treatment Team Processes and Functional Status of Seriously Mentally Ill Patients” Jeffrey A. Alexander, PhD; Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources, School of Business and Faculty Associate of Survey Research Center at University of Michigan.  Presentation.

November 28: “Screening and Intervention for Alcohol and Drug Use in General Health Care” Jennifer G. Smith, MD; Assistant Professor of Medicine at Rush Medical College, Rush University Medical Center and Senior Attending at Division of General Medicine & Primary Care at Stroger Hospital of Cook County.  Presentation

Spring 2007
March 12: “Targeting in Social Programs: Avoiding Bad Bets, Removing Bad Apple” Richard Zeckhauser, PhD; Frank Plumpton Ramsey Professor of Political Economy, Kennedy School at Harvard University. Presentation. (Special Monday Seminar)

March 28: “Health Reform in China: reconciling history, markets, and social change” Edward Lawlor, PhD; Dean and Professor at George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University.

April 4: “Do Temporary Help Jobs Improve Labor Market Outcomes for Low-Skilled Workers? Evidence from Random Assignments” David Autor , PhD; Ford Foundation Visiting Associate Professor of Economics at University of Chicago and Department of Economics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Background Reading.  

April 11: “The Impact of Changes in Public Income Assistance on Health and Economic Outcomes for Individuals with Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders” Ellen Meara, PhD; Assistant Professor of Health Care Policy at Department of Health Care Policy at Harvard University.  Background Reading.  

April 18: “Living Through and Beyond a Plague: HIV in America and the World” Andrew Sullivan, Atlantic Monthly, Senior Editor, Columnist/Blogger and Former Editor of the New Republic. Special SSA Lobby Event.  

April 25: “The New Hope for the Working Poor and Their Children” Greg Duncan, PhD; Edwina S. Tarry Professor of Education and Social Policy at Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University.  Abstract.  Presentation.  Book Intro

May 2: “Organizing Home Care: Low Wage Workers in the Nation’s Health & Welfare” Eileen Boris, PhD; Professor and Hull Chair of Women’s Studies Program at University of California Santa Barbara.  Background Article.  Working Paper.  

May 9: “A Novel Economic Program Intervention to Promote Health Among Orphaned and Vulnerable Children in Sub-Saharan Africa” Fred Ssewamala , PhD; Assistant Professor of Social Work at Columbia University and Senior Research Fellow of New America Foundation.  Project Link.  

May 23: “Interruption of Chagas Disease in Latin America” Alvaro Moncayo, PhD; Associate Researcher at Universidad de los Andes Centro de Microbiologia y Parasitologia Tropical-CIMPAT.  Background Article.  Presentation.  

May 30: “What Works, and What Remains to be Done in HIV Prevention in the United States” David Holtgrave, PhD; Professor and Chair at Department of Health Behavior & Society at Johns Hopkins University.  Background Article.  Presentation

Autumn 2006
November 1: “We Were All Sold A Bill of Goods: Litigating The Science of Breast Cancer Treatment” Peter Jacobson, JD, MPH; Professor of Health Law and Policy at University of Michigan, Director of Center for Law, Ethics, and Health University of Michigan School of Public Health.  Presentation.  

November 8: “Are Positional Externalities Different from Other Externalities?” Robert Frank, PhD; Henrietta Johnson Louis Professor of Management and Goldwin Smith Professor of Economics, Ethics, and Public Policy, Johnson Graduate School of Management & Department of Economics at Cornell University.  Background Reading.  

December 6: “Paying the Tab: The Case for Raising Alcohol Excise Taxes” Philip Cook, PhD; ITT/Sanford Professor of Public Policy Duke University.  Presentation.  

December 13: “The American Way of Handling Disability: A Historical Perspective” Edward Berkowitz, PhD; Professor of History and of Public Policy and Public Administration and Director of Program in History and Public Policy at George Washington University.

Spring 2006
March 29: “High Rise Building Evacuation: Lessons Learned from the World Trade Center Disaster” Robyn Gershon, PhD; Associate Professor at Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University. PDF

April 5: “Sexual and Physical Victimization Inside Prison: Does Mental Illness Matter?” Nancy Wolff, PhD; Director of Center for Mental Health Services & Criminal Justice Research and Professor at Department of Urban Studies, E.J. Bloustein School of Planning and Policy at Rutgers University.

April 10: “Fat Politics: the Making of America’s Obesity Epidemic” Eric Oliver , PhD; Associate Professor of Political Science at University of Chicago.

April 19: “Whose Deaths Matter?: Mortality, Advocacy and Attention to Disease in the Mass Media 1980-1998” Elizabeth M. Armstrong, PhD; Assistant Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs, Faculty Associate at Office of Population Research and Faculty Associate at Center for Health and Wellbeing at Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University. PDF

April 26: “The Shadow Welfare State Five Years Later: Business, Labor, and the Future of Health Care Reform” Marie Gottschalk, PhD; Associate Professor of Political Science at University of Pennsylvania.

May 3: “Hellfire Nation: The Sick and the Sinful in American Politics” James Morone , PhD; Professor of Political Science and Urban Studies at Brown University.

May 10: “An Unanticipated Life: The Impact of Parenting a Child with Developmental Disabilities or Mental Illness” Marsha Mailick Seltzer, PhD; Director of Waisman Center and Vaughan Bascom Professor of Social Work at University of Wisconsin.  PDF

May 17: “Process versus Outcome in Treatment Decisions for Breast Cancer” Paula Lantz, PhD; Associate Professor of Health Management and Policy, Chair of Health Management and Policy and Research Associate Professor of Survey Research Center, ISR, at University of Michigan.  PDF.

Autumn 2005

October 5: “Heroin Maintenance: Is a U.S. Experiment Needed?” Peter Reuter, PhD; Professor at School of Public Policy and Department of Criminology at University of Maryland and Director of Program on the Economics of Crime and Justice Policy.

October 19: “Chicago Overdose Deaths 1999-2004” Greg Scott, PhD; Assistant Professor at Department of Sociology at DePaul University.  Presentation.  Maps

October 26: “All you need is work? Welfare Policy and the needs of low income single mother families” Sandra Danziger, PhD; Director of Michigan Program on Poverty and Social Welfare Policy and Professor of School of Social Work and Research Professor at Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at University of Michigan.  Background reading: Paper 1.  Paper 2.  Presentation.

November 2: “Why the US Has no National Health Insurance” Jill Quadagno, PhD; Mildred and Claude Pepper Eminent Scholar at Department of Sociology at Florida State University. Background Reading.  Presentation

November 9: “Habitat Instability and Human Health” Dr. Mindy Fullilove, MD; Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Public Health, Sociomedical Science at Columbia University. Visit: www.findtherivers.org and www.rootshock.org

November 22: “Health Externalities: How Illness and Health Care in One Spouse Affects the Survival of the Other” Nicholas Christakis, MD, PhD; Professor of Medical Sociology at Harvard Medical School and Co-Director of the Robert Wood Johnson Scholars in Health Policy program at Harvard University. Background reading: Paper 1,  Paper 2

December 7: “Are Vulnerable Groups Helped or Hindered by Medicaid’s Reach into the Middle-Class?” Colleen Grogan, PhD; Associate Professor and Faculty Chair of Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy at University of Chicago.

Autumn 2004
October 7: “Changes in the Timing of SIDS Deaths in 1989 and 1999: Indirect Evidence of Low Homicide Prevalence Among Reported Cases” Harold Pollack.  Presentation.  

October 14: “What Factors Predict the Prevalence of Free Clinics in Metropolitan Communities?” Julie Darnell.  

October 21: “Explaining the Latino Asthma Advantage: The Role of Neighborhood Social Context,” Kate Cagney.  Presentation.  

October 28: “The Social Production of Intergenerational Exchange and Health: The Exchange Value of Social Capital,” Eric Hedberg.  Presentation.  

November 4: “Multiple Simultaneous Health Behavior Change: Are We Up to the Challenge of Promoting It?” Prof. Bonnie Spring.  Presentation.  

November 11: Danielle Wallace.

November 18: “Insurance Status and the Healthcare Utilization of Low-Income Children,” Lindsey Leininger.  

December 2: “Effects of Price Competition on Hospital Quality of Care,” Tamara Konetzka. 

Prior Lectures
1990: “The Antitrust Challenge to Professional Dominance,” Clark C. Havighurst. 

1989: “Rhetoric Excess and American Health Politics: The Debate about the Tax Exemption of Nonprofit Hospitals,” Theodore R. Marmor.

1988: “Future Trends in Evaluating Quality of Care,” Dennis J. O’Leary, M.D.

1987: “Physicians and Society: Renegotiating the Contract,” John K. Iglehart.

1986: “The Price of Quality and the Perplexities of Care,” Avedis Donabedian, M.D.

1985: “Re-Examining the Role of the Community Hospital in a Competitive Environment,” Robert M. Sigmond.

1984: “The Investor-Owned Hospital: Doing Well by Doing Good,” Richard Rosett.

1983: “The Nature and Interrelationships of the Private and Public Sectors in Health Services,” Eli Ginzberg.

1982: “Health Coalitions: New Substance or More Cosmetics?” Walter J. McNerney.

1981: “Health Services Delivery and Competition-Regulation,” Herbert E. Klarman.

1980: “On the Future of the American Economy and Its Impact on the Health Care Sector,” Uwe E. Reinhardt.

1979: “A Legitimate Role of Government in the Private Health Services Delivery System,” Robert A. Derzon.

1978: “Consumer-Choice Health Plan: a Rational Economic Design for National Health Insurance,” Alain C. Enthoven.

1977: “Medical Care As Social Policy: The Case of Child-Health Services,” George A. Silver.

1976: “Can Health Be Planned? Or, Why Doctors Should Do Less and Patients Should Do More: Forecasting the Future of Health Systems Agencies,” Aaron Wildavsky.

1975: “Health Care Planning in the USSR: Its Role in Improving Medical and Preventive Services,” Igor Pustovoy.

1974: “Health and Health Care: Personal and Public Issues,” Kerr L. White.

1973: “Health Care and the Role of Health Services Research,” Robert Van Hoek.

1972: hiatus

1971: “National Policies and Programs for Financing of Medical Care,” I. S. Falk.

1970: “National Health Insurance–Problems and Prospects,” Wilbur J. Cohen.

1969: “The Future Place of the Personal Physician,” George E. Godber.

1968: “Planning and Spontaneity in the Development of the Swedish Health System,” Arthur G. W. Engel.

1967: “New Dimensions of Health Planning,” William H. Stewart.

1966: “Progress and Paradox on the Medical Scene,” Lowell T. Coggeshall.

1965: “Medical Care–Old Goals and New Horizons,” George Baehr.

1964: “Responsibility of the Board Member of Voluntary Health Agencies,” Marion B. Folsom.

1963: “America Challenges Medicine,” Michael M. Davis.