Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research

SSA and CHAS are happy to announce that we have continued our support and partnership with the Library and the Social Sciences Division in order to bring you access to the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR). As a member of the UChicago community, you may access ICPSR from any computer on campus.

ICPSR is a conglomeration of 700 academic and research institutions. A particular focus of the ICPSR is digital archiving of data, in an attempt to provide data for secondary analysis, preserve it, assure its integrity and make sure people have access to the data. The data archive at the ICPSR includes over 500,000 data files related to fields in social science research.  The data is collected and accessible in a number of ways. In collaboration with other agencies, the ICPSR has developed thematic collections of data. These listings of datasets are thematically arranged by topics including: Aging; Criminal Justice; Demographic Data; Education; Health and Mental Health; Instructional Data; International; Race and Ethnicity; and Terrorism. The over 500,000 data files can also be specifically searched by geography, topic, investigators, series or the recency of update or addition to the files. Specific files are also available for analysis online. The online analysis capabilities include searching for variables of interest, reviewing frequencies and summary statistics, producing summary statistics and charts, and viewing electronic codebooks. The ICPSR is also focused on providing education on topics of data use, supporting internships, and providing information on employing data in undergraduate education.

Access ICPSR here If the link does not work, copy and paste this url in your browser:

You will need to create an account so you may sign in to ICPSR. There is no cost associated with the account. After you establish your account and sign in, you will be able to find data sets, compare variables, and find publications as well as having access to other resources.


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