The Indian Health Insurance Experiment: Can An Expanded Program of Health Insurance Address Problems of Supply?

Michael M. Davis Lecture Series (Fall 2015/Spring 2016): Anup Malani, PhD, JD

Professor Anup Malani (University of Chicago Law School/Pritzker School of Medicine) kicked off the Spring quarter Davis Lecture series with a description of the Indian Health Insurance Experiment (IHIE), a 11,000 household, randomized trial of health insurance currently underway in Karnataka, India.  The IHIE is aimed at assessing whether a demand-side solution—the expansion of India’s Medicaid-like program of subsidized health insurance—can help address the most pressing health care problem in India today: supply.  The study follows 11, 000 households, randomized to receive health insurance with varying degrees of financial support, over 2 years, with a focus on utilization and cost.  Initial results will be available Fall 2016.  Professor Malani is IHIE’s principle investigator, and a leading expert in health economics and law.  His lecture detailed IHIE’s research design and significance, and addressed questions related to the development and implementation of a field study of this magnitude.  For more lecture details, including media content, please refer to the Michael M. Davis Lecture Series webpage.

JHPPL Volume 41, Issue 2

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Themed Issue: The Growing Importance of Medicaid & The Important Role of Information-Based Politics

Research Articles

  • Denis G. Arnold & Jennifer L. Troyer:
    “Does Increased Spending on Pharmaceutical Marketing Inhibit Pioneering Innovation?”
  • Cynthia R. Daniels, Janna Ferguson, Grace Howard, and Amanda Roberti:
    “Informed or Misinformed Consent? Abortion Policy in the United States”
  • Benjamin D. Sommers & Richard Kronick:
    “Measuring Medicaid Physician Participation Rates and Implications for Policy”

Report on Health Reform Implementation

  • Michael Koetting:
    “Medicaid Contradictions: Adding, Subtracting, and Redeterminations in Illinois”
  • Alexander Hertel-Fernandez, Theda Skocpol, and Daniel Lynch:
    “Business Associations, Conservative Networks, and the Ongoing Republican War Over Medicaid Expansion”

Report from the States

  • Brad Wright, Andrew J. Potter, and Matthew Nattinger:
    “Iowa Wavering on Medicaid: From Expansion to Modernization”

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