UChicago CHAS Partners With Sciences Po’s LIEP for Workshop Series on Health Innovation and Reform in US and France

The first workshop was held at the University of Chicago’s Center in Paris from May 26-27, 2016.  CHAS participants included Deb Gorman-Smith, Colleen GroganJeanne C. Marsh and Harold Pollack.  Other US participants were prior Michael M. Davis lecturer John Brekke (University of Southern California) and Fred Ssewamala and Constance A. Nathanson, both of Columbia University.  Look for workshop outcomes to be posted to the CHAS workshops webpage soon.

CHAS Stakeholders Trying to Eliminate HIV in Chicago

Several CHAS Executive Committee members, CHAS Fellows and CHAS Seed grant awardees have been actively engaged in a large-scale federally funded program to apply elimination approaches to the HIV epidemic.  The Chicago Center for HIV Elimination (CCHE) utilizes “social, sexual and other risk networks to identify 1) pathways of HIV transmission; 2) how behavior and influence are transmitted through these same networks; and 3) how these networks can be leveraged for integrated  prevention interventions that utilize existing strategies fitted to context, network and community.”  As Director of the CCHE, CHAS Fellow, John Schneider (Department of Medicine) researches and implements methods for employing existing social networks to prevent new HIV transmission events. SSA Faculty member and CHAS Fellow Alida Bouris, is a Co-Director for the CCHE, where she develops family-based interventions to prevent the spread of HIV and STIs in Latino and African American young men. SSA Faculty member and CHAS Fellow Dexter Voisin, is a Co-Director for the CCHE, where he examines the negative impact of community violence on social and health outcomes including the spread of HIV.   Other CHAS personnel actively involved with the CCHE include CHAS Executive Committee member Harold Pollack (SSA) and CHAS Seed grant awardee Brandon Hill (Ci3). For more information on CCHE developments, please refer to their website.

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