2017 Social Work & Health Convening

On January 9, 2017, the 2017 Social Work & Health Convening State of Our Knowledge, State of Our Training brought together a diverse set of participants from social work research, education, policy, and practice who are involved in building capacity of social work to address issues of health care access, quality, and cost. Specific goals of the Convening included:

  • To review and assess the state of social work knowledge, practice and educational in health policy and practice;
  • To identify emerging models of service delivery addressing social determinants of health and optimizing health and social service integration;
  • To contribute to ongoing effort to increase capacity of health social work to contribute to improving Nation’s health.

A variety of speakers highlighted program development and advocacy efforts that aim to advance social work’s presence in improving health outcomes and enhancing the healthcare system’s ability to promote health. The conference agenda and speaker slides can be viewed here.