Congratulations to the following University of Chicago Faculty for being newly named CHAS Fellows on the basis of their contributions to health policy and services research.
Debra Stulberg is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine and a member of the CHAS-supported MedicaidMAX Workgroup. Her research explores racial and socioeconomic disparities surrounding reproductive health in the U.S.
Prachi Sanghavi is an Assistant Professor of Health Services Research in the Department of Public Health Sciences and a member of the CHAS-supported MedicaidMAX Workgroup.
Julian Solway is the Walter L. Palmer Distinguished Service Professor for Medicine and Pediatrics at the University of Chicago Medical School and the Director for the Institute for Translational Medicine among other campus positions.

Angela S. García is a sociologist and an Assistant Professor at the School of Social Service Administration. Her work focuses on the integration of immigrant groups within the U.S., Spain, and Latin America.