POLICY BRIEFS: Modeling Mitigation Strategies to Reduce Opioid-Related Morbidity and Mortality in the United States; Inside the Black Box of Improving on Nursing Home Quality Measures

CHAS PODCASTS: Invisible Visits: Black Middle-Class Women in the American Healthcare System by Dr. Tina Sacks, AM, PhD; The importance of community asset mapping, medical integration with social sciences, and youth involvement by Dr. Stacy Lindau, PhD; Interview with Dr. Nadine Burke Harris.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: CHAS Welcomes Gina Miranda Samuels: Over the years, University of Chicago faculty have been named CHAS Fellows based on their commitment and contributions to health policy and services research. This month, we are excited to name Gina Miranda Samuels, Associate Professor at the School of Social Service Administration, as a new CHAS Fellow. Her extensive research on health policy and services and her dedication to improving the physical and mental health of children, youth, and families is highly valued in our work. Welcome, Gina Miranda Samuels!

Search Begins for the Next President of the University of Chicago: Following President Robert J. Zimmer’s announcement that he will transition into the new role of chancellor at the end of the current academic year, the Board of Trustees has launched their search for the 14th President of the University of Chicago. Consistent with past searches, the Board has formed a Trustee Search Committee that will work closely with a Faculty Advisory Committee, which includes Waldo E. Johnson, Jr., CHAS Fellow, Associate Professor, and recently appointed Deputy Deputy Dean for Curriculum at the Social Service Administration, to elect the next president.

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