SERVICE INNOVATION: Gender disparities in access and retention in outpatient methadone treatment for opioid use disorder in low-income urban communities; Shared decision making for HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) with black transgender women

CHAS PODCASTS: Invisible Visits: Black Middle-Class Women in the American Healthcare System by Dr. Tina Sacks, AM, PhD; The importance of community asset mapping, medical integration with social sciences, and youth involvement by Dr. Stacy Lindau, PhD; Interview with Dr. Nadine Burke Harris.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Apply to our 2021 Doctoral Research Stipend Program: The Center for Health Administration Studies (CHAS) supports health policy and services research by offering a stipend to doctoral students who play an active role in the research of CHAS fellows, CHAS affiliates, and other CHAS-funded faculty members. Stipend recipients will receive a total of $3,000 of financial support, which will be distributed in three $1,000 increments, one increment per quarter in most cases. Learn more about the Doctoral Research Stipend Program and how to apply on our website.

Watch Michael M. Davis eLectures on YouTube: Each academic quarter, the Center for Health Administration Studies sponsors the Michael M. Davis Lecture Series, which brings renowned policy experts, researchers, and commentators to the University to explore the intersection of health policy and the broad needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged populations. If you missed a lecture, you can access the recording of any lecture on our YouTube channel and watch at your leisure!

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