Medicaid Working Group

CHAS is supporting an interdisciplinary working group of faculty and Fellows to bring to the University of Chicago the most recent Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ MAX files.



Effects of Ambulance, Transport Distance, and Hospital Destination on Health Outcomes of Out-of- Hospital Medical Emergencies Principal Investigator(s): Prachi SanghaviBar Graph Icon
Effects of Managed Care on Utilization and Quality for Medicaid Patients Principal Investigator(s): Robert Nocon
Integrated Health and Social Services in Medicaid Managed Care Principal Investigator(s): Jeanne Marsh
Effects of Care Setting on Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease and their Spouses Principal Investigator(s): R. Tamara Konetzka
Substance Use Disorder Treatment Benefits in Medicaid Managed Care Principal Investigator(s): Colleen Grogan, Christina Andrews, Amanda Abraham

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